The News-Press Endorsements – Falls Church News Press

It’s still almost two weeks before Election Day on Nov. 3, but the stupendous turnout of voters casting ballots early — due to concerns about the Covid-19 pandemic and new laws that make it so that no excuses for voting “absentee” need to be provided — have made the usual ritual of endorsements by your local newspaper almost completely moot. That said, this for all who’ve not yet voted.

Never in our 30 year history of doing such things has the choice been more obvious for us to endorse in a presidential race. Our choice of former vice-president Joe Biden has never been easier, nor more important for us to publicly pronounce. Mr. Biden represents a solid, reliable choice for a national return to normalcy from the standpoint of a preponderance of both parties. He’s proven it through his long political career, and while there are reasons for almost everyone to be critical of some of the things he’d done, it’s all been done with a dignified love of country and the values of democracy. In that sense, he’s the polar opposite of the man who is the most dangerous threat to our national way of life on many levels. For U.S. President, Joe Biden.

For U.S. Senate and U.S. Representative from the 8th District, we are proud and honored to once again endorse our Democratic incumbents. For U.S. Senate and House, Mark Warner and Donald S. Beyer, Jr.

For the City of Falls Church’s special election to fill a seat