Sara Gideon, Janet Mills hold press conference in response to President Trump’s visit to Maine – WABI

BANGOR, Maine (WABI) –

U.S. Senate Candidate Sara Gideon and Governor Janet Mills held a press conference today in response to President Trumps visit.

The two along with Attorney General Aaron Frey shared their thoughts opposing President Trump’s visit to Maine.

Both Governor Mills and Gideon said President Trump has failed the American people.

Governor Mills discussed her concerns over the President’s efforts to help Mainers.

Gideon shared her concerns over Senator Susan Collins, her opponent for Maine’s senate seat, saying that Collins has not held the President accountable for his actions.

“Mr. Trump doesn’t care about you, if you’re an everyday Maine person Donald Trump does not care about you.”

“She said, she thinks he has learned a lesson, well Senator Collins the only lesson that Donald Trump learned is that you won’t do anything to hold him accountable.”

A number of supporters were also there in a showing of support.

Shortly after the press conference ended, Senator Susan Collins representatives released a statement.

“Speaker Sara Gideon has said that she wakes up every day and tells herself that the most important job she has is defeating and replacing Susan Collins. Instead of doing her current job as Maine’s Speaker of the House and working to help our state, Sara’s top priority has long been getting a promotion for herself. But