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ANALYSIS: The reasons behind Stan Bowman’s big 2020 PR tour – The Rink

“When you find hypocrisy in the daylight, look for power in the shadows.”

2020 has taught us many things. But one thing some in Hawk nation still have yet to learn is that when General Manager Stan Bowman goes on a self-initiated media sit-down or full-blown media tour, as he has over the last several days, there is usually more to it than immediately meets the eye.

When Bowman does this (and he has done it before, though perhaps not as comprehensively as he has this time around), it is usually to head off growing perceptions in the fanbase that are not “good” for the organization.

You cannot just assume this is normal, or a normal part of Bowman’s job. He, and more broadly the team, would like you to think that, because that makes you an easier mark.

The truth is, Bowman does not (because he is not empowered to do so) just set up a bunch of media interviews on his own. That is not how corporations function—or pro sports franchises that typically function like corporations, especially the Chicago Blackhawks.

Follow the money.

I do not have the exact numbers. But anecdotally, the feedback I hear from season ticketholders regarding their communications with the team and their